Neti Pot -The Nose Bidet as see on Opra with Dr Oz, plus Ear Conning

If you live in an urban area of any kind your sinuses and mucus membranes are taking a toxic hit every time you breathe. The smog levels and air quality in some areas are so bad it is as if you where smoking one pack of cigarettes a day. Here in Santa Monica, California where I live you’d think we would be able to escape the bad air problems because it’s near the ocean. Not so, although considerably better, but not the greatest, we get a good percentage of China’s pollution so it’s like smoking just one cigarette a day.

The trauma this causes your sinuses and lungs appears in many ways. The symptoms can be allergies, head colds, congestion, headaches, breathing problems, asthma and emphysema flare-ups, dizziness, hearing loss, and loss of appetite.

This all happens primarily because of a build up of mucus in your sinuses and lungs or wax in you ears. All this buildup is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and infection, which puts a terrible load on your immune system.

Nettipot and ear coning are two effective easy solutions to this buildup, that you can do yourself to prevent most of these problems.

I do ear coning every change of season, during our fasts. She uses nettipot whenever she gets congested.

Equipment for the nettipot:

  • A Nettipot pot
  • Salient (comes with the Nettipot)
  • Distilled water


How to do it:

This is something that my wife mostly uses. She fills the pot with distilled water and dissolves the salient in it. Turns her head to the side over the sink. While holding her breath she pours the water out of the pot through her top nostril and lets it drain out the other nostril.

It works.

Equipment for Coning:

  • Ear cones (min 5/ear, optimally: 10/ear)
  • Paper plate
  • Lighter
  • Small portable mirror
  • Glass of water


How I earcone:

I put a hole in the middle of the paper and put the cone through it. This is to catch the ash that may fall off. I lay on my side, usually on my couch. I insert the cone with plate in my ear then light it. I use the mirror to see if there is any smoke dripping out of my ear. I always make sure it doesn't burn down too far or if it is too hot, I take it out immediately. Once it is burnt down to where there is about an inch left I usually take it out and put the burning part in the glass of water. Next cone.

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