Eleven Quotes from Sifu Marcus - 'Sifu-isms'

Eleven Sifu-isms
  • Suffering is inevitable... the resistance to the inevitable.
  • How much happiness you want is how much you will have to change, if you are unhappy.
  • The choices made yesterday do not decide the choices of today.
  • Nothing is that serious, but it's all important.
  • Truth is never hidden, just sometimes ignored.
  • Whatever you are trying to do, you are in reality, not doing.
  • You are either moving forward or backwards, there is no standing still.
  • Forgiveness is giving up the hope that the past could have been different.
  • First there’s choice, then there’s breath, then everything else.
  • The up side of ego is: you get to believe you can do anything. The down side is, when you engage it and try and do everything, you get nothing done.
  • Real power is finding peace when you have every reason to suffer, or being compassionate when you have every reason to betray and hate.
Sifu Marcus Lovemore

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