The VHAALT Low Temperature Beef Bone Broth Recipe (VHAALT, Primal, Paleo, Low Carb)

One of the most valuable and core foods in the VHAALT Program is Bone Broth (aka Stock). In the program the "ALT" in the acronym stands for Animal Low Temperature. So as you can figure out this recipe is low temperature, unlike most bone broth recipes.

Most bone broth recipes, particular beef bone recipes, use beef bones where the meat has been oven or stove cooked, reaching temperatures of 350-500°F. Then the bone broth is cooked (stovetop or crock) and at up to 220°F (which is water's boil point) since most recipes reduce the broth to make a stronger flavor.

This high temperature cooking style makes this once very nutritious and bioavailable food into something your body can only recognize as a toxin.

It denatures the proteins and oxidizes the fats, creating an immune inflammatory responses and artery clogging dissolved solids.

We've saved the best for last among this "great" news about standard bone broths: high temperature cooking creates end stage glycation and HCA's (Heterocyclic Amines); both are known to cause cancer. This is all because of the cooking style and temperature.

The VHAALT way of preparing food, particularly animal products, has none of these down sides and therefore the food retains it's healing properties. 

Eating your animal products raw is best, but sometime it hard to find meats and such that are raised and killed in a safe-for-consumption atmosphere. In fact it is very rare to find meat that is safe to eat raw. (I will have other posts and videos with exact information about consuming raw animal products.)

So cooking your animal products is one way to mitigate some of the environment/farmer safety hazard like bacterial contamination. But as you now know, this popular way of high-temperature cooking meat and broth is so harmful, it negates the safety benefits of killing bacteria through cooking.

The VHAALT program solves these challenges by slow cooking the broth at a low tempreature. We keep the broth at 140-145°F for 24 hours.

This is hot enough with long enough cooking time to eliminate the pathological threat while maintaining the nutritional integrity. In fact this style of cooking is a form of predigestion. It actually makes it easier to digest the protein and fat without the denaturing and oxidation associated with high temperature cooking. 

How to Make Your Broth
  • You'll need a slow cooker or crock pot* (make sure it has a WARM setting and stays at a temperature between 140°-150°F. If it gets to 150+, turn it off and let it cool down to 145, then turn it back on WARM)
  • 2-3 pounds bones (if you have 6-8 quart crock pot, oval works best; if you have a smaller crock pot, buy an amount of bones that can be complete submerged in water)
  • 1-2 Tbsp Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar (~1 TBSP per 3 quarts water)
  • Cold water to fill crock pot (filtered or pure spring water is best)**
  • 24 hours for the first set of bones works well

Get the best bones you can find. Miller’s Organic Farm/UdderlyLA or North Star Bison has beef bones you can order and have shipped to your home. Get the “marrow bones” if they have them, though the other bones are fine too (and less expensive than marrow bones), pending your health status. Grass Fed, Beef (or Bison), and Organic are the criteria you are looking for.

KEEP THE TEMPERATURE BETWEEN 140°-145°F. Use simple bones (with minimal meat), and DO NOT PRECOOK THEM. Bones, water, and apple cider vinegar ONLY at 140°-145°F. After 24 hours, ladle out 1-2 cups into a mug, add Bragg’s Liquid Aminos, Organic Namashoyu, and/or Pink Salt to taste and drink. Or use the broth in soups, or as a sauce base (remember not to heat about 150° to keep the nutritional benefits).  It tastes delicious and is extremely nutritious. At this point you can remove 1/2 of the broth, store in a glass mason jar, cool to room temperature, and refrigerate or freeze (if freezing be careful not to break glass; you may need to use plastic). Add more cold water, repeat the process, and you will get 5-10 batches of broth out of one set of bones. We typically get around 12 quarts (3 gallons) of broth per 2-3 pounds of beef bones. Go VHAALT!

* Also most crock pots have LEAD in the glaze of the pot. Make sure yours does not. (Keep an eye out for an up and coming post on this.)
 ** WARNING : Most cities add chlorine and fluoride to their water; and other toxins like Lead and Cadmium have been found (Flint, MI) in water supplies. Not good. Filter (something better than a pitcher or simple faucet filter) your water with a 10-stage water filter (minimum), a Berkey water filter (with a fluoride-eliminating filter, or a reverse osmosis filter.

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