The Real Truth About Fitness with J.J. Flizanes on the Get Better Now show

The show went great! J.J. really knows what she is talking about. And on a personal level she is an amazing and caring person. She is almost a perfect storm of talent, understanding, and empathy and she is unusually suited for what she does.

So... for the low down on what was covered in the show for those of you who have the commitment issues, here we go..

There were several important concepts she covered so that anyone can start and be informed about their fitness process, whether you are a gym rat or just starting.

  1. You must have a distinct specific plan.
  2. That plan must take into mind your goals, body type, temperament, & ability. And with that in mind it must include resistance training, cardio, diet, a mental program, and rest & recovery built in.
  3. If you want to improve you must have a way of tracking your progress in real time. She recommends a heart rate monitor. The simpler the better
  4. Slow is better that fast when doing resistance exercises. The body will not pull itself into injury but it will jerk itself into injury.
  5. If you want to loose weight and keep it off, resistance exercise is necessary.
  6. Always train the whole body. Just training specific body parts or movements only creates imbalances, pain, and injury. Look at the body as a whole, not just a means to an end.
There was a lot more, take a listen now, but that is the gist of it. Ideally, this will now give you some idea of where to start. But if you feel like you still now need help J.J. is giving a special offer to only my listeners:

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The show is a compilation of the techniques and philosophies I've been teaching and/or using for the past 30 years. And I wanted to give everyone free access to some of this priceless yet essential knowledge before it is forgotten -yet do it in a way that doesn't necessarily exclude anyone with the usual airy-fairy, spiritual bull-shit tone and info. I was tired of hearing and seeing all of these amazing teachers and info that no one knows about, and when people did find them it all sounded like a baby fricking babling in an Indian accent. It prevented the message from getting through only because of the fact that the messenger was a little nutty. The real travesty is that these teachers and styles have overshadowed the message, creating a stereo type that overshadows anyone else who might have a similar message that people would receive. And if they happen to be interesting and engaging, then they probably are just trying to sell you something. I wanted to give you something you could use NOW to get better that you don't have to have a doctorate in ancient civilization or philosophy to get. AND FOR FREE!

It will be me and some of the best teachers and techniques that you may not know but will make you definitely Get Better Now!

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