The Secret to Amazing Sex and Attraction Forever!

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The quality of your sex is directly proportional to the attraction you and your partner experience.

So what is attraction? Attraction is the interplay of contrast. It is the negative to the positive, the up to the down, the in to the out, and the male to the female. All of these things are magnetically attracted to each other. The union of that contrast in people is sex. The more the contrast the better the spark, or attraction, and the more intense the exchange of energy.

The key to taking advantage of this process is understanding where you are on the scale of male to female, and where on that scale you are relative to your partner. Your partner also needs to know the same understanding relative to you. In this way if you want to increase and sustain attraction - that magnetic spark - you want to realize more of that part of you that is polarized to the major part of your partner. The attraction is about polarization and flow of energy from one contrast to another. The more feminine your partner is the more masculine you want to be to create that attractive spark and visa versa. In fact, the thing that attracts you and your partner - magnetism this principle of attraction - is what the entire universe runs off of.

The question arises; "Is this how you have to be all the time towards your partner, especially if this is not necessarily your true nature?"

No, only when you want to create this attractive spark and want to initiate the flow of energy. This is your choice.

The other question that inevitably comes up is: ”Ok, so I have to be more masculine or feminine depending on my partner to create that spark. Then what exactly does being masculine or feminine mean? I mean other than the obvious anatomical stuff?”

Well, masculine and feminine have less to do with your physiology than it does with your energetic attitude. Understand that women can be more masculine than some men and visa versa.

What are those tendencies that delineate masculine (below M) from feminine (below F)? Here are some examples:

M: Fixed ----------------------F: Fluid
M: Grows by challenge-------F: Grows by praise
M: Directed--------------------F: Both/Diffused
M: Analytical------------------F: Intuitive
M: Angular--------------------F: Curved
M: Sharp----------------------F: Soft
M: Focused-------------------F: Infinite
M: Consciousness------------F: Life force/Nature
M: Desires trust--------------F: Desires love
M: Purpose driven-----------F: Devotion
M: Past driven ---------------F: Present driven
M: Release from constraint--F: Unity with everything
M: The warrior---------------F: The goddess

These are just some concepts that relate to male and female energy; If you want more try reading some of the works of David Deida, Alison Armstrong, or Satyen Raja.

After understanding the differences, next you want to identify which set is closest to you natural tendencies, and when you want that attractive spark you must then accentuate those tendencies. This will attract the most compatible partner; someone perfectly designed to satisfy all your more interesting quirks. And if you are with someone already these concepts will take your relationship to the next level.

Realistically, all you have to do to totally integrate these concepts is to pick one or two of the tendencies that are your weakest and work on then until they are naturally at the level you want them. Then just pick one or two more and keep on going. It saved my marriage.

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Qi Gong Grounding for the Holidays - How Not to Take On Negative Energy

The holidays can be an extremely difficult time. There are a lot of expectations and old baggage. Usually we revisit old memories and take on way too much emotional responsibility without a second thought. This can affect your level of joy and taint this special time. There is a simple and very ancient solution to this most common part of the human experience…Qi Gong.

But first, a short description about the “Qi” in Qi Gong, or sometimes-spelled “Chi” which translates to energy or breath. Because it is this energy that is important, how it is managed, transferred, cultivated and where it comes from.

There are many forms of energy, but the kind I am referring to here is the internal kind, the type that moves through all things specifically the type that invigorates life. The Chinese call this life energy “Qi.” And Qi Gong is a process of working with this energy.

In Chinese medicine, for the purposes here, there are two types of this Qi energy, finite and infinite. The finite Qi is what everyone is born with, you have just a certain amount of it and when it runs out you die. The infinite Qi is the energy that runs through the universe and connects you with something larger like the planet, nature, or something like love. This energy is never ending and continually recycles and purifies itself, you, and what it runs through.

So the trick is to use infinite Qi as often possible.

This is where Qi Gong comes in. With the proper Qi Gong practice you can become sensitive to the differences between infinite and finite Qi and how to use them and when.

So what does this have to do with your holidays? Well, it is the way that you handle energy, Qi, your energy and everybody else’s. It is this way that you are handling energy that really determines the quality of your experiences, good, bad, connective, or not.

Generally what gets in your way of having good, connective experiences is either giving indiscriminately of your finite energy or holding on to the unwanted energy of others. This either burns you out or just runs you into the ground. The solution is to use a different type of energy in a different way... Infinite Qi.

Using and cultivating infinite Qi solves both problems in one fell swoop. Why? Because one: infinite Qi only invigorates and never drains you and is by definition never ending. Two: infinite Qi is rejuvenating and purifying because it is never stagnant and always flowing and expanding; that never ending thing again. This eternal flow creates a circuit with you and the universe grounding you into that circuit. Making it so that no singular thing can disconnect you other than YOU. All you have to do is plug in.

The Qi Gong allows you to give as much as you want without spending yourself, and because of the essential flow, any energy you don’t want moves through you and does not attach. Not your mom’s criticism, your dad’s judgment, your sibling’s jealousy, or any other energy you could do without.

The Grounding Qi Gong:

  • Stand with your feet flat on the ground, hip to shoulder length apart
  • Slight bend in knees
  • Tail bone pointed into the ground and hips rotated under you
  • Lower back and spine straight
  • Shoulders relaxed
  • Hands naturally at your side
  • Head pointed forward to the horizon
  • Tongue at the top of your pallet as if you are saying the letter “L”
  • Belly breathing through the nose
  • Best done without shoes on earth, sand, or grass
  • Eyes closed
  • Relax

With each breath inhale and imagine and feel the breath go in your nose, down your front, into you belly, down your legs, through the bottom of your feet into the ground. Then on the exhale breath reverse up out of the ground, into your feet, up your legs, into your belly, up your throat out your nose again. Remember to keep you breath slow and smooth like ocean waves. Never hold your breath.

This Qi Gong is designed to be done for at least 5 min. a day and up to 4 hours. One should always be patient and relaxed.

This can especially be done during the holidays right before the anticipation of stressful situations. Ideally the visualization will become a habit and it will become your normal breathing style no matter what is going on.
Have Fun!

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