A Real Cancer Cure... I'm NOT Shitting You!

This is the simplest cancer cure I've come across in a long time. It's an expert from a post written by Kelley Eidem and it is pretty amazing. If you know anyone with cancer they should really read this post, so please feel free to forward this blog to them.

Just a side note - The strength in this treatment, I think, is in the butter and the fish oil and how they combine with the active ingredients in the ginger and peppers. Also, though he doesn't mention it, if it were me I'd make sure the butter was raw and unpasteurized (never been heated above 95 degrees) and the fish oil was cold pressed and unheated, fermented. Oh, of course everything should be organic just to be safe.

So let me know how this works for you, if you try it.

Be well,
Sifu Marcus

How I Cured Stage 4 Cancer in Two Weeks
For Less Than The Cost Of A Night At The Movies
By Kelley Eidem

For several decades, modern medicine has tried a lot of toxic compounds, hoping to 'out-toxic' the cancer. And sure enough, the compounds did out-toxic cancer. Unfortunately, it usually out-toxics the patient as well. The result has been that cancer treatments are usually an expensive, painful and scary proposition. But you already knew that.

I didn't go bald or get sick to my stomach! Fortunately, my Stage 4 cancer was none of the above for me. My advanced cancer treatment cost less than two tickets and popcorn at the movies. My treatment wasn't painful. And I wasn't scared...I didn't lose a minute's sleep...because I knew what to do. If we've learned anything about treating cancer in the last 50 to 60 years it has to be this: half killing the patient isn't half way successful. As I emphatically told a woman in my store recently, "You gotta be healthy to get well!" In my own case, I knew by the many lesions I had that I was already sick. I didn't need someone to help make me sicker. I needed to get healthy, so I could get well.

UCLA Researchers Confirm My Method!

Maybe the best place to start with this would be to let you know that researchers at UCLA garnered lots of headlines two years ago because they had done something pretty incredible. (1) What had the UCLA researchers done? They shrank tumors by 80% with the heat from habeneros peppers. That is quite extraordinary in terms of what is usually accomplished with toxic drugs. It's also worth noting that in the US the State of New Mexico has the lowest cancer mortality rate of all 50 states. They probably eat more peppers in New Mexico per capita than all the other states, too. In other words, the researchers at UCLA made a great choice in examining the anti-cancer properties of hot peppers.

My own success in curing myself with habeneros peppers preceded the UCLA researchers by seven years. And I didn't shrink my many tumors by 80%...I shrank them 100%. UCLA's research results did confirm that my own method was an extremely powerful weapon against cancer. I'm eternally grateful for their confirmation. But then, I used habeneros peppers PLUS two more low tech ingredients...running rings around the findings made by the UCLA guys and gals. (By the way, if you absolutely can't tolerate peppers, you can substitute freshly grated ginger...grated daily...not from a jar!)

Research from the Universities of Michigan and Minnesota just scratch the surface of ginger's power against cancer. Not only does ginger cause cancer cell death, it also makes the cancer cells turn on themselves. Speaking technically, that means the tumors go away. (2) (3) I Had Lesions From Top To Toe, well, almost.

Let me start from the beginning. One morning as I was about to step into the shower, I noticed a couple of large round looking red splotches on my thigh and calf. They were about the size of a half dollar. I wasn't sure what to make of them, but they stood out like crazy. By the next day, the two red lesions had turned brown. Only they were now accompanied by several more large red splotches.
Some were on my upper back, lower back, hips, thighs and calves on both sides of my body. Within 24 hours, they turned brown, too.

At this point, most people would probably have freaked out. I had a darn good reason not to, however. I couple years earlier, I had written a book entitled The Doctor Who Cures Cancer. Gathering the research for the book gave me some critically important information that helped me to develop my own method. I figured, if what I had was cancer, that's not a problem because curing cancer isn't as difficult as we've been led to believe. No, I wasn't pregnant!

Many years earlier, I'd also learned that the common pregnancy tests sold in drug stores will sometimes produce a positive result if the person taking the test has cancer. A call to the makers of one of the products confirmed that this is true: pregnancy screening tests can sometimes pick up the presence of cancer. It is well known among physicians that home pregnancy tests can show a false positive for pregnancy when the person being tested has cancer. The test isn't real accurate if the result is negative because the test kit requires that a high threshold be met before the test will read positive. Pregnant women easily reach the threshold, but a person with cancer doesn't necessarily produce enough of the hormone to register on the test kit. But if the kit does show "positive" in a non-pregnant person, it is highly accurate for uncovering cancer. It seemed to me that it was worth a shot as a screening mechanism.

Since I am a male, a positive test result would tell me what I needed to know. I did the test, and sure enough, the 'pregnancy' test result came up positive. You might be wondering why a pregnancy test would read positive. I'm glad you asked. ;-) Pregnancy tests screen for the presence of a hormone called HCGH (human chorionic gonaditrophin hormone.) It's the same hormone that is elevated in cancer patients. But in most cases the level in cancer patients aren't high enough to trigger a positive test result. Down below will be listed information on a more sophisticated pregnancy test that's about 97% accurate for detecting cancer. I'll tell you more about that test in a minute.

Pregnancy kit 'says' I'm pregnant! In my case, my HCGH was high enough to score positive on the test. So there I was, a man, with more than a dozen large lesions AND a positive pregnancy test result! There was no point for me to go to a physician at that point, because (a) I had no insurance, and far more importantly, (b) chemo sucks in treating solid mass tumors, and I had more than a dozen visible tumors! There's no telling how many tumors there might have been hidden within my body.
Then there was reason (C) for not going to see a physician!!! The first thing the doctor would have wanted to do would be to cut out a portion of one of the lesions to have it examined by a pathologist.
I had learned something profound when writing "The Doctor Who Cures Cancer" which was later confirmed in a book about Judah Folkman, M.D., (inventor of Angiostat) that the act of cutting out a portion of a tumor activates more tumors to sprout wings. (Continued in the next module below...) It seemed to me that there were too many tumors raging already to let anyone cut on me spurring further growth.

Here's a real brief recipe list here.

(1) Grate one habeneros pepper each day, putting it on bread

(2) Grate two cloves of garlic each day, putting them on bread 

(3) 1-2 Tablespoons of Emulsified cod liver oil each day.* TwinLabs makes some wonderfully flavored cod liver oil. I used the cod liver oil because I was not losing any weight or dealing with fluid retention. If I had either of those conditions, I would have used evening primrose oil instead of the emulsified cod liver oil.

(4) Smother the grated garlic and habeneros peppers with real butter and eat it. No margarines of any type, including Smart Balance, etc. That's it!

The potent active ingredients from the peppers and the garlic disperse quickly. So they must be grated each day, and eaten immediately. You're probably thinking, whoa that's gotta be hot! Yes, it is. And it will make you breathe deeply! That's a good thing, because heavy breathing pumps the lymph system. As you know, cancer cells often gather there.

What I did was put the habeneros and the garlic on one side of the bread and folded it over. Plus, it's handy to have another half slice at the ready to cut the burning sensation in my mouth. So let yourself breathe deeply for a minute or two and then eat the extra half slice of bread.

Let me say a word or two about the bread. I used Ezekiel spouted bread. You can get it in the freezer section of health food stores and at Publix. Yes, it costs about $5.00. But keep in mind that all the ingredients together won't cost you more than $20. Can you use another bread? Maybe. Or maybe not. It is what I used, and I don't like to mess with the success I had.

How well did this recipe of mine work? All of my lesions went away in about four or five days. I had a dozen or more, so that was pretty good, if you ask me.

Since I wasn't fond of the peppers and garlic (LOL!) I quit after the fifth or sixth day. A few days later, three or four lesions came back. So I went back on the three part recipe. The lesions vanished once again in about four days. After that, I continued to take the emulsified cod liver oil for about six months. On occasion I take another bottle of the cod liver oil. And I take fish oil sporadically.
This episode of my raging cancer took place around October of 1998 as best that I can recall. No lesion has returned since that time.

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