Sleeping Well

Sleeping Well

In today's hectic fast paced world the thing we wish we had more of, sleep, is the one thing that goes by the waist side. Sleep deprivation seems to be the ubiquitous symptom for just about every illness and sometimes it's the cause. Because of this I developed this sleep protocol.

Before you start you'll need to pick up some supplies:
  • Valerian root (for tea)
  • Chamomile (for tea)
  • Empty reusable tea bags
  • Powder or liquid magnesium
  • Raw unheated honey
  • Non-metal tea pot
So, what you want to to do is make two drinks for before bed, a tea and and an electrolyte supplement. First, how to make the tea:
Bring 8 ounces of water to a boil in the non-metal tea pot. Then make a tea bag of a 1/2 teaspoon of Valerian root and a 1/2 teaspoon of Chamomile. Take the pot off the stove, put the tea in and let it the steep for 5 minutes. After this, check to see if the tea is hotter than 95°. How?... By putting a finger in the water. If it is to hot to keep your finger in it you must wait to put the honey in until it cools down and you can keep your finger in without burning yourself. This means the temperature is below 95°. Then mix in as much honey as you like. Drink.
OK, now the electrolyte:
While the tea is steeping poor 4-8 ounce of water in a cup and mix 1000 mg of magnesium in it.
Drink these two drinks right before bed. It usually takes about 20 minute to start to take affect.

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