Sleeping Well

Sleeping Well

In today's hectic fast paced world the thing we wish we had more of, sleep, is the one thing that goes by the waist side. Sleep deprivation seems to be the ubiquitous symptom for just about every illness and sometimes it's the cause. Because of this I developed this sleep protocol.

Before you start you'll need to pick up some supplies:
  • Valerian root (for tea)
  • Chamomile (for tea)
  • Empty reusable tea bags
  • Powder or liquid magnesium
  • Raw unheated honey
  • Non-metal tea pot
So, what you want to to do is make two drinks for before bed, a tea and and an electrolyte supplement. First, how to make the tea:
Bring 8 ounces of water to a boil in the non-metal tea pot. Then make a tea bag of a 1/2 teaspoon of Valerian root and a 1/2 teaspoon of Chamomile. Take the pot off the stove, put the tea in and let it the steep for 5 minutes. After this, check to see if the tea is hotter than 95°. How?... By putting a finger in the water. If it is to hot to keep your finger in it you must wait to put the honey in until it cools down and you can keep your finger in without burning yourself. This means the temperature is below 95°. Then mix in as much honey as you like. Drink.
OK, now the electrolyte:
While the tea is steeping poor 4-8 ounce of water in a cup and mix 1000 mg of magnesium in it.
Drink these two drinks right before bed. It usually takes about 20 minute to start to take affect.

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Vaccinations - Be Informed Part 1

One of the more controversial subject matters out there is vaccinations. How many vaccinations do you need and when should you get them? Should you even think about getting vaccinations? Are they safe, especially for children? Well... This excerpt from 'Vaccinations Under Scrutiny part 1' by Andreas Moritz answers these question and a lot more.

I believe that everyone should be informed. So read and make up your own mind.

Be well,
Sifu Marcus

Vaccinations Under Scrutiny
Andreas Moritz

(NaturalNews) For many decades, leading scientists and doctors have vehemently promoted the idea that immunization of children is necessary to protect them from contracting such diseases as diphtheria, polio, cholera, typhoid, or malaria. Yet evidence is mounting that immunization may not only be unnecessary but even harmful. Pouring deadly chemicals into a lake doesn’t make it immune to pollutants. Likewise, injecting the live poisons contained in vaccines into the bloodstream of children hardly gives future generations a chance to lead truly healthy lives. American children often receive some 30 vaccinations within the first 6 years of their lives and children in the U.K. can expect to be vaccinated about 25 times.

Within the first 15 months of life, vaccinations including nine or more different antigens are pumped into the immature immune systems of babies. Despite the colossal efforts and large sums of money spent on vaccine research, medicine has never been able to devise a cholera vaccine that works and the drugs for malaria aren’t as effective as a single herb.

Diphtheria is still combated with toxic immunization programs even though it has almost completely disappeared from the earth. When diphtheria broke out in Chicago in 1969, 11 of the 16 victims were either already immune or had been immunized against diphtheria. In another report, 14 out of 23 victims were completely immune. This shows that vaccination makes no difference when it comes to protection against diphtheria; on the contrary, it can even increase the chances of being infected.

Immunization against mumps is also highly dubious. Even though it initially reduces the likelihood of becoming infected, the risk for mumps infection increases after immunity subsides. In 1995, a study conducted by the U.K.’s Public Health Laboratory Service and published in the Lancet showed that children given the measles/mumps/rubella shot were three times more likely to suffer from convulsions than those children who didn’t receive it. The study also found that the MMR vaccine increased by five times the number of children suffering a rare blood disorder.

It is interesting to note that the mortality rate from measles declined by 95 percent before the measles vaccine was introduced. In the United Kingdom, despite widespread vaccination among toddlers, cases of measles recently increased by nearly 25 percent. The United States has been suffering from a steadily increasing epidemic of measles, although (or because) the measles vaccine has been in effect since 1957. After a few sudden drops and rises, the cases of measles are now suddenly dropping again. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) acknowledged that this could be related to an overall decrease in the occurrence of measles in the Western Hemisphere.

In addition to this evidence, many studies show that the measles vaccine isn’t effective. For example, as reported in a 1987 New England Journal of Medicine article, a 1986 outbreak of measles in Corpus Christi, Texas found 99 percent of the victims had been vaccinated. In 1987, 60 percent of the cases of measles occurred in children who had been properly vaccinated at the appropriate age. One year later, this figure rose to 80 percent.

Apart from not protecting against measles and possibly even increasing the risk of contracting the disease, the MMR vaccine has been proven to produce numerous adverse effects. Among them are encephalitis, brain complications, convulsions, retardation of mental and physical growth, high fever, pneumonia, meningitis, aseptic meningitis, mumps, atypical measles, blood disorders such as thrombocytopenia, fatal shock, arthritis, SSPE, one-sided paralysis, and death. According to a study published in the Lancet in 1985, if children develop “mild measles” as a result of receiving the vaccine, the accompanying underdeveloped rash may be responsible for causing degenerative diseases such as cancer later in life.

In reality, measles is not a dangerous childhood illness at all. The belief that measles can lead to blindness is a myth that finds its roots in an increased sensitivity to light during illness. This problem subsides when the room is dimmed and vanishes completely with recovery. For a long time, measles was believed to increase the risk of a brain infection (encephalitis) which is known to occur only among children who live in poverty and suffer from malnutrition. Among upper class children, only 1 out of 100,000 will become infected. Besides, less than half of children given a measles booster are protected against the disease.

In a report issued by German health authorities and published in a 1989 issue of the Lancet, the mumps vaccine was revealed to have caused 27 specific neurological reactions, including meningitis, febrile convulsions, encephalitis, and epilepsy. A Yugoslavian study linked 1 per 1,000 cases of mumps encephalitis directly to the vaccine. The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal in the U.S. reported in 1989 that the rate varies from 1 in 405 to 1 in 7,000 shots for mumps.

Although mumps is generally a mild illness and the vaccine’s side effects are severe, it is still included in the MMR vaccine. And so is the vaccine for rubella, although it is known to cause arthritis in up to 3 percent of children and in up to 20 percent of the adult women who have received it. In 1994 the Department of Health admitted to doctors that 11 percent of first-time recipients of the rubella vaccine will get arthritis. Symptoms range from mild aches to severe crippling. Other studies show a 30 percent chance of developing arthritis in direct response to the rubella vaccine.

Research confirms that the whooping cough vaccine is only effective in 36 percent of children. A report by Professor Gordon Stewart, which was published in 1994 in World Medicine, demonstrated that the risks of the whooping cough vaccine outweighed the benefits. The whooping cough or pertussis vaccine is by far the most dangerous of all the vaccines. DTP, the whooping cough vaccine that was used in the U.S. until 1992, contained the carcinogen formaldehyde, and the highly toxic metals aluminum and mercury. Both this vaccine and its “improved” version DTaP have never been tested for safety, only for efficacy.

The new vaccine has proved to be no better than the old one. Both versions cause death, near-death, seizures, developmental delay, and hospitalization. DTaP (formerly DTP) is given to babies as young as six weeks old, although the vaccine has never been tested on this age group. Among the 17 potential health problems caused by the whooping cough vaccine is sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). According to an estimate from the University of California at Los Angles, 1,000 U.S. infants a year die as a direct result of receiving the vaccine.

Immunization programs against polio have no benefits other than economic ones for vaccine producers. The scientist who eliminated polio now suspects that the handful of polio cases which have occurred in the U.S. since the seventies are caused by the live viruses that were used as vaccines. In Finland and Sweden, where the use of live vaccines for polio is prohibited, there has not been a single case of polio in ten years. If live viruses used as a vaccine can cause polio today when hygiene is generally high, it may well be that the polio epidemics 40 to 50 years ago were also caused by immunization against polio while hygiene, sanitation, housing, and nutritional standards were still very low.

In the United States, cases of polio increased by 50 percent between 1957 and 1958, and by 80 percent from 1958 to 1959 after the introduction of mass immunization. In five states, cases of polio doubled after the polio vaccine was given to large numbers of the population. As soon as hygiene and sanitation improved, despite the immunization programs, the viral disease quickly disappeared. Whatever may have been the reason for polio outbreaks in the past, it is highly questionable today to immunize an entire population against a disease that does not even exist any more. It raises major questions about the motives behind polio vaccination.

Further, the history of some simian virus 40 (SV40) infections in humans is linked to the use of polio vaccines. According to the American Journal of Medicine, many studies have reported the presence of SV40 from the polio vaccine in human brain tumors and bone cancers, malignant mesothelioma, and non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. The polio vaccine seems ever more linked to cancers, especially in children. The cancers caused by the use of the polio vaccine in the past still kills 20,000 people a year in the United States. This is quite outrageous given the fact that polio itself hasn’t killed anyone for a long time.

- Excerpt from Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation by Andreas Moritz ( or (

About the author
Andreas Moritz is a medical intuitive; a practitioner of Ayurveda, iridology, shiatsu, and vibrational medicine; a writer; and an artist. He is the author of The Amazing Liver and Gallbladder Flush, Timeless Secrets of Health and Rejuvenation, Lifting the Veil of Duality, Cancer Is Not a Disease, It’s Time to Come Alive, Heart Disease No More, Diabetes No More, Simple Steps to Total Health, Diabetes—No More, Ending the AIDS Myth and Heal Yourself with Sunlight.

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Transformational Fighting Arts Online - The Best And Only Source For Free Quality Interactive Martial Arts Instruction Online

Transformational Fighting Arts Online
The Best And Only Source
For Free Quality
Interactive Martial Arts Instruction Online

I though I should show you a little sample of some of the amazing content on one of my other favorite sites. It's is called Transformational Fighting Arts Online. It is my comprehensive martial arts and instructional site, but even better is, that it is all free.

What I wanted to design was a place that anyone interested in martial arts could have access to helpful information anytime. Plus, I wanted to dispel some the mystery and secrecy around the martial arts and make it more accessible to everyone. But most of all, I wanted to create an information repository to answer all those simple questions I had when I first started that I had to learn the hard way. My God, If all I had to do was click a link to answer my questions back then, I'm sure the first 10 years of my training probably would of taken only 5. So ideally the site can do the same for you.

Here are just 2 of the instructional videos posted there. Feel free to the check out the rest anytime.

TFA Fundamentals
The 4 Corners

Video summery:
Sifu Marcus Lovemore demonstrates the Transformational Fighting Arts fundamentals in defense - the four corners.

Training Suggestions:
I find that practicing the 4 corners, amusing you don't have a partner, is best in front of a mirror. You should be able to transition fluidly from any of the 4 corner to any of the other 4 corner techniques. Remember though, when you are facing the mirror aim a at a specific target on you reflection, but make sure you are not to close to the mirror and also to keep your punching arm relaxed and bent, otherwise you might hyper extend, since you are not making contact with anything.
I like using the 4 corners as a warm up before shadow boxing. Try it.

Have an excellent training,
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Interception Drill
The Foot Obstruction
(TFA Intermediate Kicks)

Video summery:
Sifu Marcus Lovemore demonstrates the Transformational Fighting Arts intermediate kicking interception drill using the the foot obstruction.

Training Suggestions:
As mentioned in the video, you want to use lacrosse or baseball shin-pads; everything else in my experience is to flimsy. Remember to start out light until you get your timing down with your partner, and for heaven sakes do not aim at the knee (only takes 70 lbs. to break one). Also, keep in mind you want to intercept your partner before their front foot hits the ground or their rear leg passes the plane of there hip, although not absolutely necessary. The great thing about his technique is that it works sloppy or clean.

When you start to get some proficiency, start moving around off line and have your partner stagger the kicks. Create an atmosphere of reality but withing this limited expression of the of this particular drill.

Good training,
Sifu Marcus

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Or for Transformational Fighting Arts and Beyond! Visit Mastery Training Systems site for training schedules.

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Raw FAQs

I get so many questions about raw animal products, specifically raw milk, that I thought it would be a good idea to post this.

It's a question and answer article from Mother Archives about raw milk, and the information is great. The only caveat is about the first answer and freezing. Yes freezing milk does not destroy the enzymes, but most the beneficial bacteria and nutrients do get destroyed in the freezing process. I do not recommend it. All the other answers though, are fantastic.

Really, these FAQs are just great for all, especially your friends and family who might be a little freaked out by the raw concept. If so, just send them here and tell them to shut-up and read.

Sifu Marcus

Mother Nature's Archives

1. Does freezing damage raw dairy products?
Freezing puts raw milk products to sleep and has little effect on the important health benefits that raw dairy products provide. Enzymes and bacteria are fully active when they awake after thawing. Some vitamins are reduced by trace amounts after being frozen. The flavor is sometimes slightly affected by this and is not always apparent. All OPDC (Organic Pastures Dairy Company) products may be frozen. Thawing should be done by placing the frozen product in a regular refrigerator for a day. Milk should be shaken to mix up the butterfat after thawing. Warming the product to room temperature just prior to drinking will also make the fat blend in better with the milk (if it has clumped or separated during freezing).

2. Can I get OPDC products fresh and not frozen?
OPDC will ship fresh and unfrozen raw dairy products to anyone upon request. Remember that if the delivery is delayed and the product is left un-refrigerated, it will be protected for an extended period of perhaps an additional 24 hours if it is frozen. If fresh, the product may become warm if refrigeration is delayed upon delivery. Warm raw dairy products lose none of their nutritional value, but they begin the process of natural souring, which starts to change flavors (rapid increase beneficial bacteria). This is not a concern for food safety, but it does make the product into a naturally cultured dairy product much like Kefir. OPDC recommends that warmed raw milk be cultured and stored at 90 degrees for 24 hours. The resulting product is a delicious Clabbered Raw Milk. 90 percent of the people on planet earth drink their milk as a clabbered milk, not fresh. Cultures can be purchased at the health food store.

3. Why do you say that "Raw Milk is Alive"?
Natural organic raw milk has in it vitally important living things. These include the following: beneficial bacteria, enzymes (including lipase, protease. and other), lactase forming bacteria, and many enzyme based pathogen killing systems. The common practice of pasteurization inactivates or dramatically reduces the effects of these important active (living) elements. As a result, you may be lactose intolerant when drinking pasteurized milk, but not lactose intolerant when you drink raw milk. This is because lactase enzymes are being formed when you digest raw milk. That is why we say, "only living milk brings life."

4. How much colostrum should I drink each day?
Remember that colostrum is a health food and not a drug. You can not overdose on fresh colostrum! Drink several pints per week to initially build up your immune system, then just maintain consumption of a pint or two per week and drink plenty of raw milk. Raw milk has many (not all) of the same elements contained in Colostrum, just at much lower concentrations. You can not (chemically) overdose on any OPDC products; they are food.

5. Are organic and raw the same thing?
No. "Organic" is a set of environmentally sustainable growing and production practices that are now certified and regulated by the USDA. Raw is the naturally occurring, unprocessed and uncooked state of any food. All organic milk starts out with the organic cow and all organic cows make raw milk. Nearly all dairies take their milk to a creamery that processes that milk using pasteurization methods. The resulting organic products are not raw and living, but rather they are "killed and dead." In addition, not all organic dairies follow the USDA organic requirements, which requires access to pasture for their cows. OPDC provides pasture 100% of the time. OPDC is the only organic pasture land farm in North America that does not pasteurize (heat treat to extend shelf life and kill bacteria) its products. Organic means diversity of life and soil. What a shame it is that "living, life-bringing raw milk" from all over the country ends up being processed into very dead Ultra High Temperature (UHT is 282 degrees - not the common HTST 161 degree common pasteurization: for extra long shelf life); so-called organic milk products. It truly exploits the word organic. Again, and it really must be restated for emphasis, organic means soil and the diversity of living life. How can something so dead be considered natural or organic? Only living milk brings life.

6. What happens to bacteria in pasteurized milk after pasteurization?
After pasteurization, bacteria found naturally in milk are killed. During the high temperature heating process, cell bodies of these bacteria are ruptured and their contents are spilled, releasing histamines. This causes many milk drinkers to suffer allergic reactions. Almost all of these same consumers can drink raw milk and not have allergies. The high levels of bacteria permitted in milk intended for pasteurization are still found in pasteurized milk; they are just dead and not removed by the process.

7. What is homogenization?
Homogenization is the process of destroying the natural butter fat cells found in raw natural milk. This process uses extreme pressure to break apart the soft buoyant fat cells, which cause the remaining small fat pieces to blend into milk and no longer float to the top making the cream line. Some European countries have studies that show that this process is dangerous and may strongly contribute to heart disease and arterial plaguing. Our FDA disputes these findings under pressure from the strong dairy lobby. Homogenization is not a required step, but rather a step of convenience to deny the consumer the ability to see how much cream is actually in the milk they buy.

8. Why is milk pasteurized?
In the 1800s, many US dairies began commercially producing low quality raw milk in the inner cities of Boston and New York and others. These Brewery dairies would feed their cows very poor quality "brewer's mash." The resulting milk was very weak and nearly blue from lack of protein, mineral, and fat content. This occurred during the Jamaican rum embargo. During this same time period, the dairy industry did not use or have access to refrigeration, stainless steel, milking machines, rubber hoses, hot water, or chlorine as a sanitizer. TB and Brucellosis were rampant (not to mention horse manure on the streets, flies, and lack of public sanitation and sewage) and the cows were milked by hand without mechanical machines. The cows stood in manure and there was no access to pasture (sounds like some factory dairy farms of 2005). The resulting unhealthy milk from these sources literally killed millions. The heating of milk to high temperatures reduced this horrible blight. During this same time period, milk from the countryside taken from pasture grazed healthy and clean cows was the best medicine of the day. In fact, the Mayo Clinic used this high quality country raw milk as a basis for many disease curing therapies. This was the untold story of raw milk. Because of pasteurization successes, commercial interests prevailed and all dairies (the good, bad, and the ugly) then began to pool their milk so that "nobody would die," even if milk quality was very poor. This was great news for milk mass marketing, and creameries created high profits. These pasteurization practices continue today with the chief benefit being extended shelf life. These modern dead milk products now cause allergies and lactose intolerance to huge sectors of the population. Current (PMO) Federal standards for pasteurized milk permit 100,000 bacteria per ml for milk going to be pasteurized with as many as 20,000 injured or living bacteria to be alive after pasteurization, and this may include pathogens (this is arguably the reason why milk is pasteurized). California standards for raw milk require that milk sold for raw consumption have fewer than 15,000 live bacteria per ml and no pathogens. OPDC averages about 1500 beneficial living bacteria per ml (and never a human pathogen). For a great book on the subject of milk history, please order "The Untold Story of Milk" by Dr. Ron Schmid ND. It is available from OPDC. You get the whole story: starting 12,000 years ago, right up to and including OPDC in 2003.

9. What are pathogens?
Pathogens are disease causing bacteria and organisms. The three human pathogens that are tested (state mandated) at OPDC include Listeria Monocytogenes, Salmonella, and Ecoli 0157. To date, not one of these pathogens have ever been detected by any test at OPDC or conducted by any state or federal agency. Tests privately performed at OPDC (BSK labs) showed that even when these pathogens were added to OPDC raw milk at extremely high levels (7 logs) they would not grow and die off (test results available upon request).

OPDC milk products are highly pathogen resistant. In more than 32 million servings, and more than five years of intensive testing, not one single pathogen has been found or detected. Not one person has complained to the state of CA that they have become sickened by an OPDC product. Tests performed by UC Davis, Dr. C. Berge DVM revealed something quite startling: Fresh manure from OPDC cows did not contain Salmonella. At other dairies tested, many of the findings were positive (31% of conventional milk tanks tested showed a human pathogen present).

In summary, it has been theorized that the combination of grass feeding, no antibiotics used, no hormones, and low levels of grain used in diet cause a change in the cows immune system and rumen. This change in physiology directly inhibits pathogen development in the milk (actually a transfer from environmental contamination that does not seem to occur; there are no bad bugs in the manure that transfer into the milk and the clean raw milk is highly pathogen resistant).

10. What are enzymes?
Enzymes are specialized proteins that assist in the breaking down (hydrolyzing) and digestion of foods into useful elements that can be utilized, absorbed, or stored by the body. Enzymes are identified by the use of the ending "ase" associated with their name. For instance Lipase helps digest lipids (fats). Lactase helps digest lactose sugar (milk sugar). If your body does not produce and have available specific enzymes, then you may not be able to utilize certain food sources, or absorb certain minerals, etc. Phosphatase, which is key to the absorption of calcium, is inactivated by pasteurization. In fact, the test for effective pasteurization is called the "negative phosphatase test." Is it no wonder that Americans are suffering from osteoporosis at a rate higher than ever. It is now considered a US health crisis. A little trick that is not commonly known is that if you drink plenty of raw milk, lactose intolerant people can then tolerate limited amounts of pasteurized milk products, including ice cream. There is a sharing of required missing enzymes (lactase) and bacteria that are required in the gut, making a person not intolerant of lactose containing products.

11. Can I cook with OPDC products and will the heat affect the raw nature of the products?
Yes, you can cook with OPDC products, but any heat over about 120 degrees starts to denature enzymes and kill bacteria. This is okay, but just remember the benefits of raw and make sure you eat plenty of raw (not heated above 110 degrees) in your diet for a strong immune system, good digestion, and absorption of minerals.

12. What are Immunoglobulins?
Immunoglobulins (antibodies) are immune system boosting elements found in the blood stream. They include IgA, IgD, IgE, IgG, and IgM, which among other things neutralize toxins and counter microbial attack. They are collected during pregnancy (in the breasts and udders of mammals) and are transferred to the newborn via colostrum (first milk) after being born. These essential protective proteins form a big part of the immune system and respond to disease and infection. Bovine colostrum contains high levels of these antibodies.

13. Why does colostrum appear pink or yellow sometimes?
All bovine colostrum contains some blood cells (RBC and WBC). Sometimes this is visible and sometimes it is not depending upon the cow and whether she had some red blood in her first milk. This is normal. OPDC attempts to limit the amount of visible blood that is in colostrum, but on occasion the colostrum may appear slightly pink. The yellow color in the colostrum is caused by Lactoferrin: Rich vitamin levels and the natural fat color of milk fat. All of this colostrum is "Nectar of the gods," is normal, and completely safe.

14. Why is there a "pet food" sticker on some OPDC products sold at retail stores outside of the State of California?
FDA law CFR 1240.61 states that it is illegal for anyone to transport raw dairy products across state lines "in final package form for direct human consumption unless that product has been pasteurized."

In compliance with CFR 1240.61, OPDC labels and ships its products outside of California for "pet consumption only."

15. What can I do with warm or soured raw milk?
Soured raw milk is still a vitally nutritious product and should be cultured for optimal flavor and taste. If you find yourself with a container of souring milk, just put in some live culture (some yogurt or store bought kefir starter available through, then set the product out for 24 hours at 90 degrees. The resulting food is wonderful, delicious, digestible, and highly nutritious. In most countries this is how people drink their milk. Our great grandparents called it Clabbered milk. Other raw milk and raw dairy recipes are available by calling OPDC at 1-877-RAW MILK.

16. Why do OPDC products carry a "government warning" that states that the consumer may be sickened by this raw dairy product?
Government regulations now require many living foods to carry a warning label, including meat, poultry, fish, and fresh juices. This came about because of the ever weakening immune system of the average American citizen. More and more US consumers have severely weakened immune systems and can become ill by eating small amounts of foreign bacteria that their bodies are not familiar with. It has been estimated that about 70% of the strength of a healthy immune system is made up of the diversity of living bacteria found in the intestines. Raw milk provides a perfect source for the "seeding and feeding" of these diverse populations of living bacteria. The average American diet is practically devoid of living bacteria (all killed foods and few bacterial sources). Our immune systems have suffered as a direct result. Consuming raw milk and dairy products is an important step towards regaining immune strength and overall health. On occasion a new raw milk consumer may have some diarrhea from over drinking raw milk for the first time. This is rare and should be considered very normal. After all, the intestine has never seen such an incredible introduction of new and diverse beneficial bacteria and does not have any idea what to do. It is possible, but highly unlikely, that pathogens may be transmitted in raw milk just as they may be transmitted in all other foods. OPDC has demonstrated that even when high levels of pathogens were introduced into raw milk, they die off and do not grow (BSK tests). In fact, pathogen killing safety systems are hard at work, keeping raw milk safe even if it has been contaminated. To date, there has never been a human pathogen ever detected in any OPDC product, in the plant, or from any test. OPDC products are highly pathogen resistant. Because OPDC can not predict the future and know what is yet to come, it is possible that someday a pathogen may be detected in an OPDC product. If you are a healthy OPDC consumer this should have no noticeable effect. Your immune system will deal with it and you will probably not even know that a pathogen was in your raw dairy product. This is evident when reading CDC reports of raw milk illness. The farm and dairy consumers never get ill; it is the first time raw consumers (with weak immune systems) that become ill. This is exactly why all people should drink lots of raw milk. A strong immune system is a gift of freedom and of health. It is your choice, and with raw milk (exercise, good hydration, a whole-food diet, and plenty of love) you need not become ill, ever. Choose life!

17. What diseases are aided by consuming raw milk and raw dairy products?
OPDC may not make a medical claim or post cures for any disease process relative to any OPDC product. That is a crime under current FDA law. We can recommend that you visit,, or, and other websites that will list literally 50 different illnesses that are directly, naturally, and positively affected by consuming raw milk.

FDA regulations make it difficult for us to share specifics. Please see web links, or read Dr. Porter's book Milk Diet as a Remedy for Chronic Disease.

Link to this webpage for links to other documents:
Link to their slideshows:

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The Secret and It's Misinterpretations - The Updated Version

The Secret and It's Misinterpretations The Updated Version

I love the movie The Secret... As a trainer, I refer to and recommend it frequently.

Inevitably... someone complains that it does not work. Each time I hear this complaint, it's the same misinterpretation, and I hear things like:

"I've been focusing on a new car and nothing!"Misinterpretations
"I've been focusing on people being nicer to me and nothing has changed."

It's an easy mistake to make... and it's based on the idea stated in The Secret that thoughts become things... which is absolutely true! However it is the feeling that the thought creates that has the power.

So obsessing about one thing like a new car will not create a car... especially if this is stressful in any way and only reminds you of what you do not yet possess.

The Law of Attraction states like attracts like... which literally means like energy attracts like energy.

So the question becomes... what energy or state of being is being expressed when you focus on something? That state of being acts as a magnet, or repellent, to the very thing you're trying to attract!

The moment you think the object or car will bring you happiness, you have just accepted and declared that you are not as happy as you could be now without that car... so you emanate and attract as not as happy as you could be. So what shows up for you now will only reinforce not as happy and nothing changes.

This does not mean you can't want a car... wanting it is the first step... but it is not the only step.

How you get the car is by understanding that attracting a car has to do with the feeling the car provides. When you see yourself enjoying this new car, how do you feel?

Now use your mind and focus on the feeling.

Every experience has at least two sides to it: a physical and an emotional aspect... the physical is what is or what is happening... while the emotional is how you feel about it. They are intimately connected and work synergistically... so by feeling the feeling, you attract or create the physical match... and that physical match could be an infinite variety of things that you have linked to that feeling.

So to streamline the process as directed in The Secret:

  1. Ask - Ask for what you want and see if you feel a sense of lack. Now notice if you can choose a different energy or state of being. Most get stuck here... "I don't have it, but I want it."
  2. Believe - Usually with this, people just believe it will come if you do/think x, y and z. But this belief is only mental and the attaining of what you want is stuck in the future. Feeling it is True Now would be more effective. There is no tomorrow reality--only now. If you believe it will happen later or in the future, you are declaring it is not happening now.
  3. Receive - The tricky part here is the assumption that it will show up exactly how we pictured it and if it does not, there is something wrong... wrong with the law... wrong with me... wrong with the world. Then we're caught in a vicious cycle of experiencing lack, and we sabotage or dissolve what we wanted in the first place. It become like a mirage. Receiving is really about openness, and the ability to say yes; because even though man wants the apple, the universe wants to give him the orchard.

The critical issue here is to not externalize the source of our happiness... and to let go of the idea that an object or person or anything--other than ourselves--can create our happiness (or misery). Things can influence us, but we ultimately choose how we relate to them and our state of being around it.

Those who get caught up in externalizing happiness become slaves to the object they've empowered such as money, affection, or that car... none of which have any real power unless we give our power away...

We all get distracted and eventually think that happiness (or misery) come from the outside... it's only logical because of how our senses are designed... we see out... like the Buddhist say, a knife can't cut itself... we are our own blind spot so we naturally externalize our feelings.

The key here is awareness... constant awareness... slowing down, deliberate breathing, and meditation all help this awareness.

Here's a good mantra... happiness is an inside job.

Remember to feel the feelings your desires provide... that is the secret to the law of attraction.

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